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Are you looking to achieve a perfectly aligned and confident smile? At Fresh Dental Clinic in Kepong, we specialize in Braces and Aligner services to help you attain the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Our experienced dentists are dedicated to providing you with personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. 

Whether you’re dealing with crooked teeth, misaligned bites, or other orthodontic concerns, we offer a variety of options, including traditional braces and clear aligners, to address your specific requirements. 

With state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to your comfort, Fresh Dental Clinic is your trusted partner on the journey to a straighter, more beautiful smile.

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Why You Need Our Braces and Aligner

Achieving a straight and properly aligned smile is more than just a cosmetic enhancement – it’s essential for your oral health and overall well-being. 

Our Braces and Aligner services at Fresh Dental Clinic in Kepong offer a range of compelling reasons to consider orthodontic treatment:

  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Improved Oral Health
  • Functional Benefits
  • Prevent Future Problems
Our Services

Types of Braces and Aligner Services at Fresh Dental Clinic Kepong

At Fresh Dental Clinic in Kepong, we offer a comprehensive range of Braces and Aligner services to cater to various orthodontic needs. Our services include:

Traditional Braces

These are the time-tested metal braces that use brackets and wires to gradually shift teeth into their correct positions. They are highly effective for various orthodontic issues.

Clear Braces

Clear braces work similarly to traditional braces but use clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires. This option is less noticeable than metal braces and is popular among individuals looking for a more discreet treatment.

Clear Aligners

Our clinic provides clear aligner solutions, such as Angel Align, which offer a discreet and convenient way to straighten your teeth. These aligners are removable and nearly invisible, making them a popular choice among adults and teens.

Our Process

The orthodontic treatment process typically involves several key stages to ensure the successful alignment of teeth and the achievement of a healthy, functional smile. Here are the main steps in the orthodontic treatment process:



The journey begins with an initial consultation with an orthodontist.



After the consultation, a more comprehensive examination is conducted. This involves a thorough evaluation of the teeth, bite, jaw alignment, and facial structure.


Treatment Planning

Based on the information gathered during the examinations, the orthodontist develops a personalized treatment plan. This plan outlines the recommended orthodontic appliances, such as braces or aligners, and the anticipated duration of treatment.



Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, the patient begins the process of teeth straightening. The type of orthodontic appliance used (e.g., traditional braces, clear aligners) depends on the treatment plan and the patient's preferences.



Throughout the treatment, follow-up appointments with the orthodontist are crucial.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Dentist: Our clinic is staffed with highly skilled and experienced who specialize in creating beautiful, healthy smiles. 

Personalized Treatment: We understand that every patient is unique. We tailor our treatment plans to address individual needs and goals, ensuring the most effective and customized orthodontic care.

Patient-Centered Approach: Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and we provide care with empathy and compassion.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Fresh Dental Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge orthodontic technology, including digital imaging, 3D scanning, and advanced treatment options like clear aligners.

andy liewandy liew
02:06 12 Mar 24
I wanted to have my teeth banded before, but later I found out that the service attitude and the effect of banding were very good. I highly recommend it😎
zhenyu simzhenyu sim
02:36 11 Mar 24
Service is good, Doctor is very patient
Looi Zheng NingLooi Zheng Ning
01:59 04 Mar 24
The service is very good and the doctor is very nice
Yu Qiao JingYu Qiao Jing
05:10 03 Mar 24
The dental service is very good and attentive 😍 Very satisfied! !
Yun Jing SeeYun Jing See
06:31 29 Feb 24
Nice braces experience with affordable price and friendly dentist & staffs.
my orthodontic experience at this dental clinic has been fantastic (more than 5 star) Dr Yeow explained the treatment plan very well, and I am pleased with the results. The overall atmosphere is welcoming, and I highly recommend this clinic :))
Li Jin NgLi Jin Ng
04:32 29 Feb 24
I had a good braces journey at Fresh Dental Kepong! The staff was friendly, the process was smooth, and the results are amazing. Highly recommend☺️
Shawn weiShawn wei
01:53 23 Feb 24
Is always amazing service very quality of customer service and fantastic results. One of the only place in FRESH DENTAL CARE that is a seriously highly recommended and takes very good care of you.
Cherlynn Law (沭君)Cherlynn Law (沭君)
09:47 28 Nov 23
The service is good and the doctor is very patient in explaining all the details about filling teeth.
Nurul AtiqahNurul Atiqah
06:23 27 Nov 23
The best dental clinic I have ever been to, this clinic is located in Kepong. Come here for tooth extraction treatment, affordable price and very satisfactory service. The doctor is also very friendly and provides excellent service. Highly recommend !!
Tico AircondTico Aircond
02:17 27 Nov 23
The doctor was very attentive and explained every detail in detail and answered many questions. The nurses were also very nice.
Laila NajihaLaila Najiha
16:16 24 Nov 23
My recent experience with Fresh dental is amazing. The staff seemed organized, and the waiting time was short. The dentist's approach felt welcoming, The facility's cleanliness was also excellent . I recommend this clinic based on my visit.
Eyfa HauraEyfa Haura
01:29 24 Nov 23
Highly recommended, doctor and staff at Kepong dental clinic, very friendly, very reasonable price..
Kay LimKay Lim
09:08 31 Oct 23
I recently had a great experience at this dental office. The staff was friendly and professional, and the dentist was thorough and gentle. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire visit. Recommend this dental practice for anyone looking for quality care.
Heather PhoonHeather Phoon
09:08 31 Oct 23
Very caring dentist, the scaling she did was neat and super clean, deserve the 5 star!
Koey TanKoey Tan
10:48 30 Oct 23
The doctor's explanation is very detailed, the service is very good, the lady at the counter is also very nice, the environment is very comfortable, and the nurse is also very concerned about the customer's mood. Recommended
Zhi Qi HoZhi Qi Ho
02:38 30 Oct 23
Good service
Kaifei LimKaifei Lim
05:08 19 Oct 23
Great service , feel fresh after scaling
Syazwan NurmanSyazwan Nurman
14:46 17 Oct 23
First time here and I had the privilege of being cared by Dr Yeow – very welcoming and he explained in detail on the dental issues I faced. Process was relatively smooth and painless and also price point is worth it. Definitely following up here soon.
Leh Eng TanLeh Eng Tan
09:18 10 Oct 23
Doctor is very friendly and patient , Explains everything thoroughly before and after. Very satisfied with the result , will come back agn for done all my dental problem. Recommended all !!
Something AppleSomething Apple
10:41 21 Sep 23
18:11 19 Sep 23
I have never been a great fan of visiting the dentist. My experience I had with Dr Yeow is extremely professional and patient as he did the scaling/polishing for me.
Monster HunterMonster Hunter
11:08 14 Sep 23
Affordable and gentle staff. Did my braces here.
Yu Lin PangYu Lin Pang
03:45 09 Sep 23
Good service here. Will visit again
Charlene EeCharlene Ee
09:44 17 Aug 23
Had braces done here, doctor is very friendly and patient! Explains everything thoroughly before and after. Very satisfied with the overall result & would recommend to everyone to visit! 🙂
Emily KEmily K
02:13 08 Jun 23
Most nicest clinic ever.Dr. Yeow is very patiently explained every detail during the process, I feel calmed. Even the others dentist and nurses are professional and friendly. Environment is also neat and tidy. Definitely coming back again.
96 sinling96 sinling
08:10 27 Apr 23
This is the most cosiest dental clinic i have been to. Dr cheng is very patient and gentle that I dont feel pain 🙂 thank you and I’ll revisit again !
0428 Y0428 Y
07:11 11 Apr 23
Friendly, patient and professional dentist and nurses. The clinic environment is very clean and comfortable. Gotten my braces over here and comes back for routine check-up, price is reasonable and student friendly.
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Faq's About Braces & Aligners

Braces and aligners can help correct misaligned teeth, improve your bite, enhance your smile's aesthetics, and promote better oral health by reducing the risk of issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

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